I really loved feysand but after ACOFAS I just think that they are too much. Opinions on them??? // Source: Pinterest Credits to @lenayvetteillustrations ✨ ✨ ✨ #rhysand #dorian #witch #rowanwhitethorn #feyre #livro #book #fantasia #draw #fanart #fantasy #smaas #tamlin #prythian #tog #acotar #throneofglass #elide #wallpaper #pinterest #tumblr #christmas #spoiler #aelin #rowaelin #aelingalathynius #chaol #manorian @feysand_acotar feysand_acotar ACOTAR & ToG

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j_keegan1 - Juliette K 2 months ago

SPOILERS AHEAD. I love Rhysand for saving Aelin and he’s such a beast 😂😂♥️♥️

shannoaksx - Shann ❤ 2 months ago

Nah I feel the same, I loved them so much but I felt like there was less chemistry there in the last book. But tbf I didn't really like it bc there wasnt much going on anyway, like no one out to kill them. I did adore the fact that Maas got them in KOA absolutely adore her for that sweet crossover 😍

goodmorningmorgen - morgen arnold 2 months ago

Yeah the book was so short but it took me an eternity to get into it. The snowball scene and the black tapestry scene were the only standouts for me. And Amren talking about going to the bathroom! That scene was the best in my opinion. But the book made me less into Feyre and Rhys for some reason. Like they turned into the couple that is so over the top everyone starts making fun of them behind their backs and it broke my heart a little 😭😭

mist.ory - 🦖 Karoliina 2 months ago

I feel like acofas just ruined a lot of things for everyone so I usually ignore it but just ngh I can't put my thoughts into words but it was just a hot mess

thepageturner67 - Caitlin 2 months ago

I loved the snowball scene, the drunk decorating scene, and the black tapestry scene. But overall the book was shit and pissed me off bc she did a whacked out sex scene instead of delving into the characters after the war

ashleymckee18 - Ashley McKee 2 months ago

I liked the acofas. It showed them trying to figure out some type of normal after a war, after bargaining with people, figuring out how to deal with Elain and Nesta. I love Rhys and Feyre in it too. It showed them both having thing going on and duties Rhys had to attend to. They didn't get to see each other much with all the rebuilding and moving forward so when they were together they were over the top and I liked it. I can relate.

tardis_slytherin - 2 months ago

I absolutely adore Feysand, I just think SJM did a little too much fluff writing in ACOFAS

mintyduhh - Brittney Grygar 2 months ago

I can't stand them, and I hated ACOFAS. It was such mush and just boring smut. Rhys can't keep his hands to himself and Feyre just backtracks on her convictions. Rhys made Feyre boring, she lost that fight and fire she had in the first novel.

_amyoaten_ - amy 2 months ago

It think SJM felt like she needed something after ACOWAR so she rushed into another book but instead she should have made a longer, more interesting one. Just my opinion though

mrsgrigsby2017 - Emily Grigsby 2 months ago

It was literally just filler fluff. 🤷🏼‍♀️ And I feel like they probably are a little over the top because of everything that happened with the war... They’re trying to find out what their new “normal” will be, so they’ll most likely be annoying for awhile. 🙄