I think it’s time we change our education system 📚 We’ve revolutionized the world with technology yet we haven’t updated our education system 😐 . 👉@financialprofessional📈 . . . . . . #entrepreneur #success #business #motivation #millionaire #inspiration #wealth #luxury #rich #hustle #cash #lifestyle #startup #bitcoin #forex #entrepreneurship #money #finance #boss #goals #stocks #invest #successful #investing #work #passion #billionaire #grind #trading #financialprofessional @financialprofessional financialprofessional Financial Professional

elp_dathird - Edward Price 4 days ago

Maybe not get rid of Alegra 2 because that’ll affect some people’s career path but a financial literacy class should definitely be part of the mandatory curriculum as it affects all of us.

kimsatoshi - K I M O R A 🖤 4 days ago

Parents should be teaching those things. I don't want strangers (most teachers are incompetent as fuck) telling my kids how to spend, invest and manage their finances.

jpetersxn - Leave Your Legacy 4 days ago

Schools are designed to churn out kids in hopes they will contribute to soceity. Schools teaching business would be useless. Because kids would still not listen to a class about business just the same as they dont listen to a class about algebra. The ones who do self learning will be the ones who get ahead.

johneriot - johneriot 4 days ago

I wish so bad that they would have taught this kind of stuff to us in high school! Would’ve been probably the most beneficial thing over anything else!

c.moncler - 4 days ago

Honestly I think we have to stop thinking this is going to solve anything. There are already schools that have courses like this & their specialized for a reason. Teenagers today & always never cared too much about school work, especially math you’ll have that class & barely anyone would take it or utilize it. People I know my age or older still can’t do percentages properly. The school system may be outdated but our generations continuously show no interest in education, they rather take shortcuts.

siphiwe775 - siphiwe 4 days ago

I agree we need to upgrade schooling system but mathematics is one of the important subject.. Without it they will be no technology.

kenfucius_says - Ken-nobi 4 days ago

You're supposed to learn that in your free time since those are very easy to learn relative to the slightly more difficult subject of algebra

millionennials - Millionennials 4 days ago

Yesss. We have been preaching this so hard. Don’t get us career ready, get us LIFE ready. It sucks to see how bad they set students up for failure in the real world.

alkanpam - Alkan Pamukcu 4 days ago

No no. I can’t make money if everyone knows about them. I need some stupid people to make money out of them