I think it’s time we change our education system 📚 We’ve revolutionized the world with technology yet we haven’t updated our education system 😐 . 👉@financialprofessional📈 . . . . . . #entrepreneur #success #business #motivation #millionaire #inspiration #wealth #luxury #rich #hustle #cash #lifestyle #startup #bitcoin #forex #entrepreneurship #money #finance #boss #goals #stocks #invest #successful #investing #work #passion #billionaire #grind #trading #financialprofessional @financialprofessional financialprofessional Financial Professional

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grey9981 - grey 2 months ago

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_emmilq - emily dahm 2 months ago

You need basics before you can do everything else. High school is where you learn how to learn. College is what prepares you for a specific career.

nelly_vivien2 - Nelly Vivien 2 months ago

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veganxearthling - BIL&GKNOW&AS 2 months ago

I am planning to go to a college for business (international business). However, I’ve heard it’s not a good career. Because they want people who are skilled in managing, financing, in which I was confused because I thought college teaches all that. I was going to apply for forgot what the degree is called. It’s where you make your own business type of degree (because when you have your own business. You’re in all fields.) and then do international business degree. Answers only from people within the high business fields.** Thank you for answering.

bdowdall6 - Brad 2 months ago

You can't learn any of those things when you a high school student lol it takes years!!

nataliewenhams - Natalie Wenham 2 months ago

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