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    Hi Ed

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lilyaquesito - Isaac 3 months ago

Keep posting this type of content and stop with the pan-Indianism & pan-Indian enabling, the exploitation of dead bodies of Indigenous people, sharing knowledge that isn’t yours to share making it accessible for data mining. Just be mindful of what you put on your platform. And stop quoting these woke vegan gentrified ass blog posts with random pictures of Indigenous people!

a.lehh - 3 months ago

Everyone wants all the indigenous knowledge you post but as soon as you post some hard facts about our world today, they wanna jump back in their comfortable little bubbles

hijadeitzpapalotl - PILAR 3 months ago

I thought everyone knew this!!! I mean it’s not conspiracy theory. If people didn’t know that these fires are caused by pge they are dumb as fuck ✊🏾