Watching @olympics and making @magnatiles skyscrapers. Sunday funday! #thefathership #allaboard #olympics #sunday #daddy #daughter #love @thefathership thefathership The Fathership

cindylou2683 - Cindy Ahern 1 year ago

I don't think you can actually have too many magnatiles. I don't think there's such thing. So fun! Knocking down those towers makes for a fun boomerang video! My kids think its hysterical! Have fun!

amandaleepollack - Amanda Pollack 1 year ago

I just found out about these @magnatiles recently and had no idea what they were. My son got some for his birthday last week and he loves them! He just turned 4 and this was like the perfect gift for him! Glad to see Harper loves them too!

kitcat5858 - Kathy 1 year ago

Sunday’s and everyday are the best when we have our little ones to show us the way💕