Never a dull moment in the Barash home. Today certainly didn’t skink. #adventure #parenting #reptile #daddy #daughter #love #family #thefathership #allaboard @thefathership thefathership The Fathership

sherryprisoc - Sherry A. Prisoc 5 months ago

Your daughter would love it here in BAMA COUNTRY- y'all would see more creepy crawlers and such. Of course she is so pretty, she looks like to would fit right in down here with lol lizards and such. Can she ride a horse

isaias_ayden987 - Becky Jo Jenkins 5 months ago

The best kind of Adventures.💜 Reminds me of when my 15 yr daughter was little. We always rescued critters and she still does. Wont kill anything 😊

chicagofriend - Mj 5 months ago

Her reaction was perfect. The totally straight face and no fear. And u handled it perfectly.